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About The Library of Law

Our objective in developing this website is, with your help, to try to create an international picture of the law which will become an evolving reference source for potential clients and the public looking for basic information on legal issues.

The site has been developed by the Dublin law practice of AMOSS Solicitors ( as we have noticed that the ability to locate basic information in relation to areas of law and legal procedures can be difficult and sometimes impossible. This is a problem if you are an individual looking for some basic guidance, a company moving into a new market, a lawyer advising a client looking to do business in a different jurisdiction or if you are a student with a project to complete.

Despite the power and scope of the internet much of the information on legal issues is only to be found on individual law firm websites and sometimes with difficulty. Often this information was posted some time ago and may not have been reviewed as the law has evolved. The origin of other information that is available is often difficult to verify. Potential clients are faced with the websites of all law firms claiming that they have an expertise in an area but without any simple information by which to judge these claims.

Many law firms go to the trouble and expense of launching their own practice websites but then fail to take the single most important step of demonstrating to the public the knowledge and experience that they have. Where they do create a website many do not post updates on their knowledge of changes in the law which is their most valuable asset.

Lawyers, Law Lecturers, Students and other Professionals regularly contribute excellent articles and research to various publications but with limited circulation. The absence of a location where these valuable contributions can reach a wider audience reduces the ability of these publications to provoke debate and to contribute to the rich fabric of legal knowledge and understanding.

In the modern age we all research the internet if we have a problem and traditional methods of learning, information sharing and communication are changing rapidly. The absence of a portal where legal information is available that can allay some of our fears or make us better informed to enable us to ask more relevant questions is we believe something worth addressing.

The Library of Law endeavors to provide a solution to these various problems by;

  • allowing potential clients to understand the basics of the law in an area in which they have a problem and to form a positive opinion of a lawyer’s knowledge abilities;
  • giving lecturers, students and others the opportunity to, showcase their knowledge, publish their articles, provoke debate on legal matters and to contribute to a vibrant information point for the law as it grows and evolves in each location; and
  • providing lawyers with a separate opportunity to market their skills and knowledge to potential clients.

Changes in the law can be tracked by receiving our newsletters on areas of interest to you. These newsletters will notify you every time there is a change in the contributed page for the area of law that you are interested in so that you are always kept up to date. For Contributors this will be an excellent method of providing a regular link between you and those potential clients who have an interest in your area of law.

What do you do next? If you would like to contribute an Article, a note of some new legal development or case or a synopsis of a Law Area simply email us and we will publish your contribution. If you practice in an area of law that is not included on our list of law areas kindly contact the site and we will provide a page to cover this.

We understand the difficult time demands on busy lawyers. If you would like to contribute an Overview of an area, we do not require you to rewrite a textbook but instead to provide basic practical information sufficient to provide the reader with an understanding of the subject area on a general basis, essentially a synopsis of your chosen law area or its procedures.

If you are searching for an answer we hope that you find assistance with your query but as the circumstances of each case are different we would advise you to consult with an appropriate professional in the area to which your query relates. We do not intend any article on this site to constitute legal advice and you should not act on any information you read here without first contacting an appropriate professional with your query. Similarly the views expressed here are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the Library of Law or of any other Contributor.

If you do decide to contact a professional listed on the Library of Law we would ask that you please do not send any confidential or sensitive information to them unless you obtain their prior written authorisation. You should first enter into a contract with them to ensure that any communication can be considered confidential or an attorney-client communication.

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