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The Companies Act 2014 has now been commenced. The vast majority of the Companies Acts 2014 are effective as of 1 June 2015. There are, however, a very limited number of provisions (mainly relating to the preparations of financial statements) which will not come into effect on 1 June 2015. These provisions are as follows-

Section 167 – the requirement for certain companies to set up audit committees or explain why not;
Section 225 – the requirement for certain companies to include a directors’ compliance statement in the directors’ report;
Section 305(1)(b) – the requirement to include gains on exercise of share options in directors’ remuneration in the financial statements;
 Section 306(1) – the requirement to include amounts paid to connected persons in directors’ remuneration;
Section 326(1)(a) – the requirement to include the names of all directors’ in the directors’ report; and
Section 330 – the requirement to include statement on relevant audit information in the directors’ report.

The requirements set out above will only apply to financial periods commencing on or after 1 June 2015.

Any financial statements approved after 1 June 2015 must comply with the Companies Act 2014. This is the case even where the financial year of the company ends prior to 1 June 2015.

An exception applies to small and medium sized companies where the financial statements of those companies have been signed BEFORE 1 June 2015 but abridged financial statements have not been prepared prior to that date. In those circumstances abridged financial statements can be prepared in accordance with the old Companies Acts.

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